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On November 11, 1989 the PDO recognized and Bierzo DO Regulation approved Bierzo and its Regulatory Council and published in the BOE on December 12, 1989. Watered by numerous waterways around the Sil, Lowest Bierzo, highlighted by terrazzo the trim vineyards and fields, with the vine by the geomorphological and climatic characteristics of El Bierzo, the most widespread and most traditional agricultural culture of the region.

Production area

La Comarca del Bierzo is situated in the northwest of the province of León, within the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, and occupies an area of 2954.28 km, representing 18% of the provincial area. Geographically it borders the provinces of Ourense, Lugo and Asturias is a hub of communication between Galicia, León and Asturias.

The vineyards in Bierzo is characterized by fragmentation of parcels, one owned and smallholder sloping terrain from 450 to 800 meters whose slopes oriented to the four cardinal points.

The soil of the vineyard sits on Bierzo Miocene materials coated with a layer of Quaternary. Texture is silt loam, moderately acidic, its pH is close to 5.5, with the absence of carbonates, typical of humid climates. The soils on slopes are composed of a mixture of coarse matter, quartzite and slate.

El Bierzo is a very special, very suitable crop microclimate of the area. The natural barrier of the Sierra de los Ancares calm the rush of the Atlantic storms and generates a continental climate, with influence of the ocean, suitable for growing grapes. The annual rainfall is 721 mm and the average temperature of 12.3 ° C, recorded minimum temperatures of 3.6 ° C in the coldest month and maximum of 23.6 ° C in the hottest months. The annual average insolation is estimated between 2,100 and 2,200 hours of sunshine.

Their wines

The wines of Bierzo have a personality. These are wines with terroir that speak of a single territory, with unique characteristics that are manifested in the tasting, and when we share a glass of wine.

Variety permitted

El Bierzo is a fertile land where different grape varieties adapted to all soil characteristics and climate occur.

Variety is the main ink Bierzo Mencia grape and represents 74.5% of the grapes grown in the production area.

The winemaking under the Denomination of Origin shall realizase exclusively with the following varieties: Mencia, Garnacha shark, Godello, Dona Blanca, Malvasia and Palomino.

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Bierzo Wines






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