Bodegas Descendientes J. Palacios

Bierzo Wines

Corullón 2016

Bodegas Descendientes J. Palacios
Buy wine Villa de Corullón Corullón is an excellent red wine made with a selection of Mencía grapes, from vines grown in very steep slopes. After quite a controversial year in what climate is concerned, the region of Bierzo surprised us with admirably expressive wines.
Pétalos del Bierzo 2013
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Bierzo Wines

Pétalos del Bierzo Magnum 2016

Bodegas Descendientes J. Palacios
Buy wine Pétalos del Bierzo Pétalos del Bierzo is a red wine made of 100% Mencía grapes from old vines grown in very small vineyards. Selected harvest. It is fermented with the entire grapes without being previously desteemed. The wine is left to stand for ten months in French oak barrels.
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