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Adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit is the standard of Bodegas Borsao, and perhaps for this reason and for its Roman and Celtic reminiscences, adopts as stamp celtíbero rider armed with a spear, riding Bursao, ancient city of Borja.

Bodegas Borsao has a rich history from its beginnings as a cooperative in 1958 to the present, the result of the combination of three of the most important cooperatives had on young appellation Campo de Borja in 2001.

Varieties and Flavours

Bodegas Borsao covers 2,430 acres of about 620 growers northwest of the province of Zaragoza, of which, 71% Garnacha is the prevailing choice for excellence in the area.

The characteristic microclimates (due to the omnipresence of the Moncayo Massif) and soils of the area, enrich the nuances of the wine heritage of garnachas of this land and allows Campo de Borja be known as "The Empire of Garnacha ".

Development and Aging

The winemaking Winery Borsao begins in the vineyard itself with an adequate harvest calendar based on the optimum ripeness of the different varieties.

Five hundred thousand BTUs are responsible for controlling the fermentation temperature of our musts so that during the process not the characteristics of the grape origin is lost.

Strict and rigorous controls during maceration of the must transform these fine wines.

The crianza and reserva wines are formed in the 1200 Bordeaux barrels of American and French oak. Next, these wines mature with their stay in the bottle for 16 months in the case of breeding or twenty months for the reservation.

Winery Borsao

Borsao Selección Tinto 2020
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Wines Campo de Borja

Borsao Selección Tinto 2020

Bodegas Borsao
Buy wine Borsao Selección Borsao Selección (D.O. Campo de Borja) is a young red wine made of a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Tempranillo from vineyards aged of 15-30 years grown in clayey-calcareous muddy and stony soils. It is made and aged in stainless steel vats under a strict temperature control.
Wines Campo de Borja

Borsao Tres Picos 2019

Bodegas Borsao
Buy wine Borsao Tres Picos Borsao Tres Picos is a red wine made by Borsao Bodegas, a winery in the Designation of Origin Campo de Borja. The winery's main objective is to consolidate themselves as the benchmark winery in the production of premium Grenache wines.

Borsao Zarihs 2018

Bodegas Borsao
Comprar vino Zarihs El enólogo australiano Chris Ringland y el español José Luis Chueca han trabajado juntos para la obtención de este vino, una novedad de Bodegas Borsao cuyo nombre es el de la uva Shiraz al revés. Esta variedad que se cultiva tanto en Europa como en Sudamérica y Australia, se ha adaptado perfectamene a las condiciones climáticas del...