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Habla Nº 22 Tempranillo 2016

Bodegas Habla
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Winery Habla

Bodegas Habla is a young winery in Extremadura but also a valuable project for research and development (R & D) in the service of viticulture and winemaking.

Civantos and Juan José Tirado, winery owners, have invested in the most advanced techniques and the latest technology, and has surrounded himself with great experts when developing their wines, unique and unrepeatable each vintage wine marketed under a same brand, Speech, and identified with an original design for a number ". nature creates unique works so Speaks has its own number" For every year.

This business venture conquistadores landed on land, particularly in those of Francisco Pizarro, where they found that the soil had found what they were looking around, slate soil infertile.

An acidic soil of low humidity and large temperature contrasts between day and night, with a specific microclimate for the highest expression of each of the varieties planted.

The varieties chosen were Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot. These are varieties that express the character traits of this terroir at its best: Tempranillo is the voluptuousness; Cabernet Sauvignon, character; Syrah is the exuberance and Petit Verdot depth.


The vineyard is divided into 64 plots whose parameters have values and what actions perfectly homogeneous which allows optimal and individualized treatment.

Perform scientific analysis of soil and climatic characteristics, with techniques such as remote sensing or infrared photography, to take into account when developing a wine.

Such is the detail in each plot wineries Talk is maintained specifically and individually by an expert grower.

Manufacture of wines:

The newly harvested grapes are selected by hand, one by one. Only during this process, more than 25% of what is collected discarded.

All movement of the grapes is done by gravity to preserve its optimum face to maceration. The grapes arrive intact deposits at a constant temperature of 6 ° C.

Each plot has a correspondence with a deposit, where the grapes are macerated according to their own specific needs and also different breeding French oak barrels.

While in the beginning they had the collaboration of young winemaker Gonzalo Madrid Iturriaga, formed in Montpellier, the technical manager of the winery is today Mercedes Suárez.

Winery Habla

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