Specialists In The Distribution Of Wines And Spirits In The HORECA Channel.


Wines and Liquors Cutanda SL. is a family business for over 30 years in the distribution and marketing of wines and spirits in the province of Albacete.'s experience gained over many years has allowed us to now be one of the leading companies in the channel HORECA distribution.

Besides being the leading distributors of wineries from Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Castilla-La Mancha Spain other OD, sell liquors, spirits and premium products.


vinos cutanda en albacete


vinos en albacete

Most wine shop Albacete.

We have a wine shop in the center of the city of Albacete , where you can find over 2,500 references in wines and spirits. Not only are most of Albacete wine shop but also have gourmet products, hams, cheeses, cured sausage, preserves, oil, caviar or foie. Besides all kinds of wine accessories like glasses, decanters, corkscrews, etc..

For companies and the general public have a variety of wine gift boxes andChristmas baskets.

Between our roles as company also organize pairing dinners, wine tastingsand organized trips to wineries.

Every Friday and Saturday wine tastings conducted in our shop, where customers can test each week to new wines.

As a way to reward the loyalty of our customers we have made membership card "Cutanda Wine Club" with her customers earn discounts on all your purchases and enter sweepstakes travel cellars, cases of wine pairing dinners, etc..


catas de vino albacete

Selling wine online at very competitive prices.


Why buy wine in Wine Cutanda? We offer you the chance to buy wine at best prices online without leaving home and the convenience of receiving your orders in 24/48 hours.

All our shipments are safely protected so that the products arrive in top condition. We work with the best logistics companies in the market.

Get wines at great prices through our Outlet Wine and private sales that will take place throughout the year.

We ship to Spain and rest of Europe.


Personalized customer service.


atencion personalizada vinos cutanda

We adjust to your needs: we send the order to the address you want, you wrap your purchases in gift paper, we perform to suit budgets, via Expedited shipping and many more possibilities.


. We are available Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons and Saturday mornings You can contact us by phone 967 216 305 or email: atencioncliente@vinoscutanda.com


If you do not have the wine you are looking for, contact us and we will.






Sponsor your friends and get discounts for them and for you.


Tell your friends how great it is to buy wine on our website!

If you sponsor a friend and he make a purchase, we offer you a 5 USD voucher to use on your next purchase. No limit on the number of its sponsored!


puntos descuento vinos cutanda

We reward your loyalty discount points.


We reward your loyalty through the program have active points on our website.Every time you purchase a product that will earn loyalty points will be specified in each product, be exchanged for euros and use them in the next purchase.