Wines Tacoronte -Acentejo

This title covers the northern slopes of Tenerife , encompassing the municipalities of Tegueste , Tacoronte , El Sauzal , Killing Acentejo , Victoria Acentejo , Santa Ursula , La Laguna , Santa Cruz de Tenerife and El Rosario . The climate of the region is subjected to the action of the northerly winds that mark smoothness and high thermal regularly. Rainfall is low and humidity is high. The soils are reddish , rich in organic matter and a low proportion of lime. According altitude area can reach 1,000 m . Buy wines Tacoronte- Acentejo (Tenerife ) with prices below the market average . Buy wines Tacoronte- Acentejo (Tenerife ) in our online store is easy and safe. We distribute a wide variety of wines online.

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