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Bierzo Wines

Altos de Losada 2018

Bodegas Losada Vinos de Finca
Buy Altos de Losada 2013 wine Altos de Losada 2013 wine is a red wine with D.O. Bierzo made by the winery Losada Vinos de Finca, which is characteristic for its non-interventionist elaboration. The winery is located in Cascabelos (León). The wine is only made with Mencia, which is an original variety from northwestern Spain. The grape of which it is made...
Bierzo Wines

Corullón 2016

Bodegas Descendientes J. Palacios
Buy wine Villa de Corullón Corullón is an excellent red wine made with a selection of Mencía grapes, from vines grown in very steep slopes. After quite a controversial year in what climate is concerned, the region of Bierzo surprised us with admirably expressive wines.
Bierzo Wines

Cuatro Pasos 2018

Bodegas Cuatro Pasos
Buy wine Cuatro Pasos A new vintage of a wine with which Martin Codax has grown into a renowned wine producer in Bierzo. It is made of selected Mencia grapes from vines aged of 80 years on average. The vines from which it is produced are spread over four estates in four different towns.
Vinos Ribeira Sacra

Lacima 2017

Bodegas Dominio Do Bibei