Rioja wines

Buy Rioja wines at the best price . Buy wines online Rioja offers. Find a great variety of wines from Rioja online . La Rioja appellation distinguishes a variety of wines that have been produced in the geographical boundaries of the regions of Rioja and the Basque Country and with less demarcation mainly in areas of Navarra and Castilla y León. Due to its topography and climate diversity differ 3 zones of production: La Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alava are created where the Rioja wines with different characteristics . Being your average annual production of Rioja Wines of about 250 million liters , of which mainly include the red wine by 85 % , which are aromatic , with a balanced composition and excellent bouquet. Rioja wine is the oldest Wine Region of Spain . In the late nineteenth century the modern Rioja born and identity endows the name of a product linked to its origin, the concern of growers and processors to protect Rioja such identity " usurpers and forgers " arises concerns culminating in official recognition on June 6, 1925 of the Denomination of Origin Rioja. Since 1991 Rioja wines are protected by the first DO Qualified Spain . Regulations establish the demarcation of the production area , grape varieties that can be grown , the maximum permitted yields, production and aging techniques , etc. . Rioja wines at the lowest price of all brands. The easiest way to purchase cheap Rioja wines.

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Rioja wines

Altos Ibéricos Crianza 2018

Bodegas Torres
Buy wine Altos Ibéricos Crianza Altos Ibéricos Crianza is a red wine from the Q.D.O. Rioja made by Torres. The name "Ibéricos" (Iberian) comes from the Iberian Peninsula. With this name, Torres is referring to Spain's culture, cuisine and geography. That is why on the label we can see an old Spanish oak tree with its fruits.