Navarra wines

Wines Navarra in our online at below the market average price store. Buy Navarra wines easily and safely. Find them here! The Navarra wines belong to a denomination of Spanish origin with wines that come from Navarra . This wine region has expanded since its creation by the extension from the south of the capital of their autonomous region to the area of the Ebro River Basin Of all the Navarre wines can stress that have been an example of the evolution of the wine sector in Spain during the last decades . An appellation of origin with its own identity where we can find high quality white wines , red and pink . The Designation of Origin Navarra was approved in 1933 , has a great diversity of landscapes and climates that occur in the more than 100 kilometers from the north of the area, located near Pamplona, and south, nestled on the banks the Ebro over 15,000 acres of the designation of origin are based on all kinds of ecosystems and farming situations : slopes , banks , plateaus, plains , and defining five distinct production areas : Lower Mountains, Valdizarbe , Tierra Estella, Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja

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